Thursday, May 30, 2024

Climate Change: Webinar Thursday, June 13 1PM ET. Insurance Plans for Homeowners and Renters access and affordability.


Increasingly, insurance companies cannot keep up with the impact of multiple climate crises, leaving many homeowners facing substantial increases or turning to state-run insurance plans. What are the solutions?

We are hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 13, at 1 p.m. ET to explore a suite of ideas to assist homeowners and renters with insurance access and affordability and the role of funders in helping to implement them.

Panelists will include: 

  • Carolyn Kousky, Associate Vice President for Economics and Policy at the Environmental Defense Fund.
  • Amy Bach, Co-founder and Executive Director at United Policyholders.
Additional panelists will be added as confirmed.
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PS: Automatic closed captioning will be available via Zoom during the webinar. The fully captioned webinar recording will be emailed to everyone who registered. CDP is striving to increase the accessibility of its webinars. Please email Katie Huang and let us know what accommodations you need by June 3; we will do our best to meet your needs as feasible.

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