Saturday, July 6, 2024

Community-Led Disaster Resilience Model Benefiting Those That Need It Most

  • Community-Led Disaster Resilience Model Benefiting Those That Need It Most: A report from Monash University highlights the positive impacts of a community-led approach to disaster resilience. The Fire to Flourish program empowers local communities affected by climate disasters through flexible funding and support, leading to measurable improvements in disaster resilience. The report emphasizes the need for innovation and experimentation in disaster management to better support communities in the future.
  • Community Resilience Through Bottom–up Participation: When Civil Society Drives Urban Transformation Processes: This study explores how bottom-up participation in urban spaces, driven by civil society initiatives in Berlin, can strengthen community resilience. The research emphasizes the importance of governance processes to fully leverage the potential of bottom-up participation and highlights the need for inclusive and diverse community involvement for long-term resilience. The study suggests that engaged civil society can contribute to the transformation of cities and increase the resilience of communities.

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