Wednesday, August 24, 2011

As part of the 9/11 Drill Down for SAFETY Campaign, Safe America Foundation is focusing on the use of wireless devices as “safety tools”. The campaign is called “Test First, Talk Second”. We all know land lines work exceptionally well; however with most of the population out and about on a daily basis and cell, text and internet are common modes of communicating.

So on the anniversary please join me in a call down drill with your family. Whether a disturbance at school, mall, airport or a weather event, stay connected with FOUR simple letters  ----I    M   O  K    -texting IMOK takes less than 2 seconds,  faster than a call, it is a fraction of the bandwidth so 800 additional people can send out the same message  in comparison to just one phone call.

So please take some time at dinner and discuss with the family, if there was an event and you needed someone to know you are okay –then text –I M O K.

Stay Safe !