Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black Male Initiative. Whole Community Approach.

·        HBCU Conference.  19-20 September 2011. 
o       Breakout session:   ‘Black Male Initiative’.  Interesting note of number\percentage of black males currently incarcerated or considered ex-offenders. 
Noted positive (college, military, employment), and negative (death, prison, unemployment) options presented by Dr. Ronald Williams (Pres. Southern Univ. System).  
§         Question(s) 
·        Can we as African-American emergency managers and members of BEMA contribute to each of the positive options, and reduce the negative options available to black males?
·        Can we as African-American emergency managers and members of BEMA contribute to providing a platform whereby we promote a ‘whole community’ approach to emergency management in the African-American & all communities by advocating FEMA EMI, CERT, and SERT (Student Emergency Response Team) training to ex-offenders on reentry programs? 
·        Can we provide a method where ex-offenders reenter\return to their communities with a skill that would contribute to community embracing them?
·        Can ex-offenders contribute to the planning, preparedness, short & long term recovery of the community following a disaster event (man-made, natural)?

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