Saturday, September 24, 2011

Community Participation. Mitigation Grant Funding
Those Concerned About Hazard Mitigation in their Community Encouraged to Contact Local Government

Issued By: NYS - Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services
Issued On: 09/09/11 12:08 PM
Affected Jurisdictions: New York
Category / Publication: Press Release - General
The New York State Office of Emergency Management encourages property owners who have questions about hazard mitigation measures in their community to contact their local government officials.
The State Office of Emergency Management administers five FEMA hazard mitigation programs in New York State.  Hazard mitigation involves long-term actions taken to protect lives and reduce the impact of disasters on the built environment (i.e., roads, bridges, buildings).
Mitigation measures must be technically feasible, cost-effective and environmentally sound, and each of FEMA’s mitigation programs requires that:
  • Applications must be sponsored by a unit of local government, or a private non-profit (PNP) agency that provides a government-like service.  Individuals and businesses are not eligible applicants, although eligible applicants may apply on their behalf.
  • With few exceptions, eligible applicants must have prepared and adopted a FEMA-approved hazard mitigation plan (or have participated in a multi-jurisdictional planning effort and adopted the resulting FEMA-approved mitigation plan) to access FEMA hazard mitigation funds.
Interested homeowners and businesses are encouraged to discuss these programs and the status of local mitigation planning efforts with their local government officials.  More information about the programs and their specific requirements is available in FEMA’s Grant Program Comparison Guide:

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