Friday, December 16, 2011

Only a Dream Part I: HBCU creates open door policy for local jurisdiction

This was only a dream, or was it a nightmare.

HBCU in ________  creates open door admission policy for local jurisdiction to support the 'whole community approach' to address social, political, economic, and to future opportunities in STEMM education and other national issues.

Program is being instituted under the following guidelines with and initial admission of 100 candidates in their jurisdication with a yearly increase based on the success of the program.

     1.  African-American male
     2.  Graduation from local high school
     3.  Completion of SAT within one-year of admission
     4.  Initial admission as General Education major for first two-years of attendance
     5.  Selection of STEM, or education major can be selected early based on
             first year grades improvement
     5.  Participation in campus CERT team, and other community related organizations
             mandatory.  Salaried and volunteer opportunities in these areas based on
     6.  Financing based on tuition of lowest community college fees in jurisdiction
This is only a dream.

Totally thinking outside of the box.  Looks as though the dreamer got out of the box and re-designed it.

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