Friday, August 31, 2012

Buffalo Soilders. Our History Becomes Our Heritage. Period Equipment Assistance

We have been trying to get the trail that the Buffalo Soldiers used to get from the Presidios of San Francisco, (9th Cav) and the Presidio of Monterey, (24th Infantry) to Yosemite and Sequoia national Parks ratified as a Nationally recognized historical trail. Our efforts came to the attention of Congresswoman Jackie Speier  who authored HR 1022. We were invited to come to D.C. and testify  before a Congressional Subcommittee in support of the Bill which we did. Here is where it stands now.

The Speier bill H.R. 1022 passed the House on unanimous consent. Sen. Feinstein's version S. 544 had a hearing in October of 2011 and no subsequent movement. As you know the bill will need to be passed in identical form by both houses of Congress.

The new wrinkle is a bill introduced in July 2012 by New Mexico Senator Jeff Bingaman. S. 3399 combines the Buffalo Soldier Study Act with 10 or 12 other "study bills." If this larger bill can pass both the House and Senate the Buffalo Soldier bill will be law. This remains a long shot.

We also started a signature petition to President Obama to try and get the Third black graduate of West Point Charles Young posthumously promoted to Bridger General and the petition can be found on our Website.

Get to the point? Certainly.

We are in desperate need of funds to purchase items for our youth programs, Tents, fishing equipment, Archery equipment and money to rent buses for field trips to places like Allensworth, the Presidio and other places of historical significance to the Buffalo Soldier legacy. We also need funds to purchase period correct uniforms for our youth and adult members.

All we ask is a minimum donation of a month’s salary for a Buffalo Soldier, $13.00, please note that their white counterparts were paid $26.00 a month.


David K.L. Ofwono

David K. L. Ofwono
President / Captain
Los Banos Buffalo Soldiers
9th&10th Cavalry Association
P: 209.534.6371
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