Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Recovery Effort Needs Your Help…NOW!

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Hurricane Sandy Recovery Effort Needs Your Help…NOW!

Submit to puts your innovative ideas, lessons learned and best practices in the hands of those in need when they need it most.

Join the Whole Community response to provide just-in-time support and assistance to responders and officials rallying to meet the needs generated by Hurricane Sandy. In the days and weeks following Hurricane Sandy, community leaders, academia, nonprofit groups, faith-based organizations, the private sector and government agencies have joined together to develop innovative ways to leverage resources and help survivors and their communities.

The Current Events – Hurricane Sandy page in was recently launched to help responders and officials collaborate and access critical information as they address real time recovery efforts. This on-line resource already offers a wealth of valuable information, however, we are reaching out to the community to further enhance it by generating and sharing lessons learned, best practices and innovative ideas applicable to those recovering from the storm.

Please take time now to submit ideas, information, checklists, lessons learned and practical advice to communities in need. Areas of specific need are:
  • Housing: Identifying housing opportunities, communicating housing information, and operational planning and coordination

  • Power: Implementing temporary power solutions and long term power restoration

  • Fuel: Acquiring and distributing fuel and restoration of fuel resources

  • Human Capital: Acquiring and using specialized personnel, volunteers and donation management

  • Communications: Providing back-up communications, establishing connectivity, and using alternative communication options

  • Disaster Recovery Center Management and Operations: Implementing innovative management, operations and redesign techniques

  • Health and Medical: Providing patient location and reconnection mechanisms
Content generated from this call to action will not only be included in the newly created Current Events – Hurricane Sandy page on, but will also remain available as a resource on for others to use in the future. For more information, please contact the Help Desk at (866) 276-7001 or

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