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AU Assembly Decision, Establishment, and Roadmap\Time for African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

The information listed below are excepts from the African Union 1st African Ministers of Health meeting jointly convened by the AUC and WHO April 14-17, 2014 in Luanda, Angola  to discuss the establishment of an African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.   Proposed location and roadmap\timeline for implementation are provided in the following proposal annexes.



AU Assembly Decision on ACDCP
                                                                              Assembly/AUDec.499 (XXII)

Decision on the Establishment of an African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ACDCP)
Doc.  Assembly/AU/16/(XXII)Add.4

The Assembly,

1.  RECALLS the Abuja Declaration of 16 July 2013;

2.  TAKES NOTES of the proposal of Ethiopa to host the Centre in Addis Ababa;

3.  STRESSES the urgency of establishing the Centre;

4.  REQUESTS the Commission to work out the modalities, in collaboration of
     with the Governments of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and
     other interested Member States including the legal, structural and financial
     implications relating to the centre and to submit a report in January 2015
     to the Assembly.


The ACDCP could be operational by the end of the first quarter of 2015 if everything goes according to plan. To that end, a roadmap is proposed below:


TASK                                 DESCRIPTION                                     TIME-LINE
Stakeholders meeting   Inaugural meeting to discuss the operationalization of ACDCP.         June 2014

Stakeholders meeting   Meeting of relevant experts to discuss the legal requirements  
                                  and implications.                                                                             June 2014

Situation analysis         Recruitment of a consultant to map the existing regional facilities 
                                  (centres of excellence, capacity building organizations, etc.) providing
                                  support to African countries.
                                  This could include a feasibility study in terms of current national and 
                                  subnational networks available, and cost-benefit analysis of the Centre. 
                                  Recruitment of a consultant to undertake a desk review of disease patterns 
                                  and map hot-spots with a quantification of the work to be done to address 
                                  the disease burden.
                                  This could also include mapping of capacities, taking into account the 
                                  work already done by other stakeholders such as WHO/AFRO in supporting 
                                  countries for capacity assessment                                                   July-August 2014

Stakeholders meeting:
planning                       Based on the outcome of the situation analysis, a site for the headquarters 
                                   will be identified, a human resource plan developed, priority activities identified,
                                   and centres identified.                                                                  September 2014

Financial valuation        Following elaboration of the structure and activities, a financial evaluation may be
                                   carried out to assess the costs of running the ACDCP.                  October 2014

Expanded stakeholders meeting
                                   The meeting is aimed at mobilizing resources. Participants will include 
                                   representatives of countries, AUC, UN agencies, development partners 
                                   and other potential financial contributors.                                       November 2014

Stakeholders technical meeting
                                     The meeting will develop the ACDCP’s standard operating guidelines, staff ToRs 
                                     and guidelines for supporting African countries. The meeting will also develop
                                     procurement plans, human resource recruitment plans, etc.           November 2014

Operationalization         Staff will be recruited, equipment procured, office space secured and demand created.                                                                                                                                       March 2015

Business development    Exploring new area of work, creating demand and mobilizing resources.
                                                                                                                                      On -going

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