Thursday, August 7, 2014

African Nations and Healthcare Systems.

The overall healthcare issue within the AU member nations was something I discussed the other evening with a few BEMA members on our discussion on immigration, cultural competency, African Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ACDCP), and the overall Ebola pandemic within Western Africa.

My comment below is in response to the Washington Post article posted in Facebook on ‘Why do two white Americans get the Ebola serum while hundreds of Africans die?’ by Arthur L. Caplan.  ( )

Regrettable the progression of the serum distribution was part of my situational awareness and planning over a month ago.  But I wouldn’t have believed it would have taken such an obvious turn.


Of greater concern is how long has these types of practices been occurring within the continent? It is time for each of the nations of the AU to take an active role in the health and well-being of their constituents. The Ebola pandemic is just one of past and future outbreaks that each nation has to consider the overall health infrastructure for the security of their nation and their constituents.

What are the number of counterfeit drugs that are distributed throughout the continent and by whom? 

DO pharmaceutical firms, production plants, and distributors fall under the realm of national control? This is one area of great economic and potential investment by U.S. and members of the diaspora to invest in with ethics being a cornerstone of the their mission and vision for these industries.  These are other critical and fundamental concerns for the public health of any nation.  A national health care system is also a key factor within the infrastructure.

Controlling not only the economic, financial, entire supply-chain\side of their resources, but also developing a health care system based and financed on their resources involving the 'whole nation' in collaboration. From external business entities ensuring corporate responsibility, public health officials, community organizations and leaders.

Developing a national health care plan that includes an added feature to immigrants from their country that visit, are educated, or work in another country until another health care plan sustains them. The issue of a home nation heath care system that carries over with the immigrant.

The issue of immigrants to all nations and any so called burden absorbed by the receiving nation will be greatly reduced if healthcare is part of their home countries other resource.

Would this decrease the number of immigrants leaving one country to another as is the case with the influx of immigrants to the U.S,\Mexican borders?

Is healthcare part of the issue, rather than safety and security within their home countries. Not only is water & food security an international issue a human issue, but healthcare can be added to the list.

What about an international health care plan?

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