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2015. ADA National Network Learning Session. Inclusive Planning for Disasters

ADA National Network/FEMA Webinar Series:

Emergency Management and Preparedness-Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

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Announcing a new webinar - "ADA National Network Learning Session: What Large-Scale Planned Events can Teach us About Inclusive Planning for Disasters: Lessons Learned from the 2014 World Series Championship Parade & Civic Celebration in San Francisco."

February 12th, 2015

Webinars begin at 2.30pm ET/1.30pm CT/12.30 pm MT/11.30am PT/9.30am Hawaii.
We often think of disaster planning in terms of a big fire, earthquake, tornado, or terrorist attack. However, many large-scale planned public events require similar emergency planning and coordination with Police, Fire, Transportation, and Public Information Officers, and the ability to react with just in time creative and flexible approaches to problem-solving.
Using the 2014 San Francisco Giants' Championship Parade and Civic Celebration as a case study, participants will:
  • Understand necessary steps in pre-planning to ensure the inclusion and safety of people with disabilities and seniors.
  • Review public information dissemination and other strategies to ensure effective communication before and during a large-scale event.
  • Draw the common themes between large-scale events and disasters and use them as an opportunity to practice disaster response.
  • Carla Johnson, CBO, CASp. Carla Johnson, CBO, CASp. is the Director of the San Francisco Mayor's Office on Disability, which is the City's ADA compliance program. She joined MOD in 2008 to serve as an emergency planner focused on disability integration. Before MOD, she spent fifteen years at the Department of Building Inspection where she was the Incident Commander for DBI's emergency response at landslides, rockslides, building collapses, and other emergencies.
  • Joanna Fraguli Joanna Fraguli is the Deputy Director for Programmatic Access at the San Francisco Mayor's Office on Disability where she has been overseeing programmatic access compliance for City and County programs since July of 2006. In this capacity, she has been working to bring disability issues to the forefront of emergency management efforts by facilitating public and private sector collaboration projects, providing specialized training for American Red Cross leadership and their volunteers, and writing specific policy statements about disability issues in City and County of San Francisco's Emergency Response Plan.
These 90 minute webinars are delivered using the Blackboard Collaborate webinar platform. Collaborate downloads files to your machine in order to run. We recommend that you prepare your technology prior to the start of the session. You may need the assistance of your IT Staff if firewalls prevent you from downloading files.
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