Saturday, July 29, 2017

July 2017. HumanitarianID. “Talking to Humanitarian Responders”


Sometimes the most basic things are the hardest to do, especially in emergencies. Have you ever had to manage a humanitarian contact list in a disaster setting or a protracted crisis?

We asked humanitarian responders at the UNDAC Induction Course in Switzerland how they manage their own contact lists. Find out what they had to say:


If you would like to contribute to our series “Talking to Humanitarian Responders”, get your phone cameras ready and send us a clip on how you and your colleagues manage humanitarian contact lists. We’ll do a professional editing of your video, publish it on our YouTube Channel and share it through Twitter. Here are a couple of questions we had in mind: 
  • Introduce yourself in 2-3 sentences: your name, organization, your job and the country where you work
  • Tell us about your work in the humanitarian field. What challenges do you face?
  • Describe how do you manage contact lists and how Humanitarian ID could help

Now, just a couple of technical guidelines to help us in the editing process. Don't worry, it's not complicated:
  • If you film using a smartphone, make sure you film landscape (horizontally)
  • Film the person from the shoulder upward (like in the videos we’ve already shared)
  • Try and use natural light so we can see you better
  • Make sure we can hear you; try to be as close as possible to your phone or camera. Avoid areas that have a lot of background noise
  • Try and keep your clip under 8 minutes (and don’t worry if you stumble - we’ll edit it for you)

Once you’ve recorded your clip, get in touch with us at

And … action!

Your Humanitarian ID Team 

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