Monday, August 14, 2017

August 2017. Join UPO's Board of Directors.

Your journey starts here!

We're seeking individuals interested in serving on the UPO Board of Directors as a representative of low-income residents. We currently have positions open in Ward 7 and Ward 8A.

Interested applicants should complete the application in order to be considered for inclusion on the ballot.  

These board members are elected by residents of the community and then approved by the board.

About UPO's BoD
Since 1962, UPO has been in the forefront of the war on poverty. We keep our pulse on the community by employing a philosophy of "maximum feasible participation," to solicit input and participation of DC residents in the selection, development and implementation of programs and services.

UPO BoD Structure
UPO's Board of Directors is governed by a 21-member tripartite structure. Members represent Washington, DC's eight wards and the public and private communities:

1/3 democratically selected representatives of low-income residents, including one designated representative of the UPO Policy Council;

1/3 elected public officials or their representatives (one (1) member designated by the Delegate, D.C. US House of Representatives and six (6) members designated by the Mayor of D.C.); and

1/3 representatives of major groups and interests elected by the UPO Board.

UPO's board is comprised of passionate individuals whose responsibility is to ensure that UPO assesses and responds to the causes and conditions of poverty in the District, and remain fiscally and administratively sound.

To complete the application, click I want to make a difference! 
Becoming a board member is only one of the many ways to help us eradicate poverty. Your financial support allows us to improve our programs and services and create new pathways to "unite people with opportunities."

Thank you,
Dana M. Jones
UPO President & CEO

Where do I apply? 

OR, Text UPO to 51555*

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