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Team Rubicon. Updates. December 2019

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Humanitarian Leadership Academy. Monitoring & Eval December 2019

Join the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, Humentum and Catholic Relief Services for a free online course on Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL)!

You will be connected to hundreds of other participants from around the world, working together to build your understanding of MEAL, test your knowledge in targeted scenarios, and complete the course ready to rejoin your organisation with increased capacity.

“I found this course to be of great use, it has enriched my knowledge on MEAL activities. The follow-up posts, replies and quiz were very useful in expanding my knowledge of the discussed topics. Thank you very much for this great effort!” – Zaid, course participant

Key features of the course:
 Duration: 4 weeks (27 January - 28 February 2020)
 Audience: non-MEAL specialists & MEAL specialists who are just getting started in their careers
 Workload: 3 hours per week
 Personalised certificate at the end of the course

Watch this short video to learn more about the course, and click on the button below to secure your place!

Friday, December 6, 2019

Certification: Disaster Ready Humanitarian Training. December 2019

Earn Your Core Humanitarian Certification

Certifications are one of the best ways to demonstrate your professional skills and stand out in your next job search. Thanks to our partnership with Humanitarian U, you can now earn your Core Humanitarian Certification for free.

This certification covers four essential topics for humanitarians at all levels:
  • Humanitarian Context, Systems and Standards
  • Building Blocks for Humanitarian Practice
  • Humanitarian Cross-Cutting Themes and Future Directions
  • Disaster Response 
Pass the exams to earn a new certification and a verifiable digital badge to add to your CV and online professional profiles. All 100% free.

Achieving certification can advance your career, improve your organization, and strengthen your effectiveness as a professional.

Invest in yourself and start earning your Core Humanitarian Certification today.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Global Congress for Climate Change & Sustainability Professionals. Chicago. Dec 9-12, 2019

Virtual Sessions Announced ...
3 Ways to Participate in the Global Congress ...

Participation in the Global Congress is being extended to remote participants through a series of online sessions taking place on December 10-11, 2019 and after the Congress.
About the Virtual Plenary Sessions
Read the detailed descriptions at
Plenary #1: The Evolution of Climate Change & Sustainability in the Public & Private Sectors
The Global Congress kicks off with an inspirational group of climate change and sustainability leaders who have blazed the trail and led some of the most compelling and impactful programs in the public and private sectors. The session closes with an early look at findings from GreenBiz's 7th annual professional salary survey and ACCO’s research conducted on behalf of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on the state of climate preparedness capacity in critical infrastructure sectors.
Plenary #2: Integrating Climate Change & Sustainability into Other Occupations
Join credentialing body and sector association leaders for a discussion on the state of efforts to address climate change and sustainability in their respective communities of practice. Discussion topics will include incorporation of expectations into aspirational codes of ethics, professional standards of conducts, continuing education requirements and the future trends.
Plenary #3: Conversations on Leveraging Natural Systems, Overcoming Adversity & Coping with Impossible Missions
ISSP Hall of Fame inductee Janine Benyus is interviewed by GreenBiz's Joel Makower in this armchair conversation. Afterward, hear a discussion on the uphill battle we have faced as the agents of change aiming to transform businesses and communities. How are we coping with the stresses that come with this challenge and what can we do maintain our own health and strength as we tackle this critical mission?
About the Virtual Working Sessions
Real-time discussions with peers at the event and online!
Quantifying the Difficult to Quantify: Improving Metrics for Sustainable and Climate-Related Financial Decision Making
Tuesday, December 10 (3:00pm - 4:15pm central)
Embedding Knowledge & Requirements Across an Organization
Tuesday, December 10 (4:30pm - 5:45pm central)
Communicating Our Expertise Professionally
Wednesday, December 11 (10:45am - 12:15pm central)
Continuing the Discussions after the Congress
Add your voice to the dialogue as we continue the working session discussions online after the Congress.
Join fellow participants in online discussion forums designed to continue the working session discussions that took place at the Global Congress.
Access to these discussion boards will open on Thursday, December 12, 2019 and will be available through December 20, 2019.

At this crucial covening, your peers from across sectors will work together to power up the climate change and sustainability fields of practice.
The Time is Now
In every sector, region and occupation, in every business and every community, bold actions and unprecedented transformation are needed to address climate change -- and those actions will never be more timely than now.
Top Reasons to be at the Global Congress
Achieving higher stature and increasing impact -- we an be SO much stronger together
25 facilitated working sessions with peers tackling our greatest challenges
An awards dinner featuring insights from the most innovative and successful champions of our fields
11 training sessions, 6 side events & 3 off-site tours rounding out your learning and development experience
Structured networking activities and an event ap designed to ensure you walk away with a plethora of important and diverse new relationships
Learn more about the Congress at
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All rights reserved. Unsubscribe from future emails from ACCO.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

A “Vaccine” for Violence. December 2019


A “Vaccine” for Violence

In a country rife with gun violence, Philadelphia still stands out. In the past month alone, 12 children have been shot—the youngest just 10 months old.

Increasingly, Philadelphia treats gun violence like a contagion, with several programs to prove it—including a branch of Cure Violence Global at Temple University.

What does that mean in practice? 
  • Prevention—not with vaccines—but with community outreach aimed at de-escalating disputes.
  • Identifying risk factors—like poverty and inadequate education—the same way high blood pressure points to heart disease.
  • Deploying point people with close community ties.
 All that, plus a heavy dose of patience.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Join the December Global Climate Strikes. Friends of the Earth U.S.

The September 20th Climate Strike was the largest youth-led climate mobilization in U.S. history. Activists like you stood up and fought back against big corporations taking advantage of our planet and leaving the most vulnerable communities to clean up their mess.
But our fight isn’t over. We won’t rest until we achieve a real and just solution to climate change. On Friday, December 6th, people across the world will strike again to demand bold action on the climate crisis. Will you join us?
The clock is ticking -- we’re running out of time to prevent climate chaos. Our leaders must take ambitious action before it’s too late. 
We need climate solutions that empower the communities most impacted by the crisis. Solutions that eliminate all fossil fuels. Solutions that provide a just transition for workers and others who have been caught in an extractive economy for far too long. We need to address these problems now -- we can’t continue passing them off to the next generation. And we need your help to do it.
Together, we can move mountains. Activists like you have worked tirelessly to stop pipelines around the country and hold corporations accountable to the destruction they cause.
Now, we’re counting on you to take action again. The planet can’t wait any longer. We need to stand together, adults and youth alike, and ensure the strike has maximum impact. Together, we can show our elected officials we won’t back down. 
So, can we count on you to step up for a future free of climate disaster, Charles?
Standing with you
Liz Butler,
VP of organizing and strategic alliances,
Friends of the Earth

Contact Us:

Email Preferences:

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

EFFECTS OF A BIOLOGICAL PANDEMIC”. Sun, December 15, 2019 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST




This workshop is intended to showcase the ‘unrealized’ effects a biological outbreak will have on a community and to prompt discussion amongst attendees as to what planning and preparation needs to be done beyond the basic State Health Department plans to dispense medication.

We will begin with a brief training overview of some known biological agents: their classification, signs and symptoms, and what makes them a threat.  The review will be followed by a modified-tabletop exercise using scenes from a movie that accurately depicts the ripple effects of a biological outbreak as the scenarios for our group discussions.  We will track an unknown biological agent from its initial appearance in ‘patient zero’ to its explosion as a worldwide pandemic. As the movie progresses, we will stop it, look at the events that have taken place up to that point and discuss what effect these events would have on Prince Georges County and the surrounding areas.

Who should attend this workshop? … Government officials and other community leaders, law enforcement, fire, first responders, health department and medical personnel, business leaders, CERT members & other community response organizations … basically everyone!.  

If/when this happens, it will truly take a community working together to make it through.

If you know anybody who would benefit from this workshop please have them sign in at Eventbrite

Date And Time


Berwyn Heights Senior Center
8603 57th ave 2nd Floor
Berwyn Heights, Md 20740

Baltimore is at the Vanguard of a National Black Vegan Movement


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