Monday, June 29, 2020

5 Myths from The Washington Post. From Policing, Juneteenth to Meritocracy

No, officers don’t spend most of their time fighting crime.
  • Alex S. Vitale

No, it’s not the only celebration of emancipation.
  • Afi-Odelia Scruggs

The Constitution doesn’t actually give the Supreme Court the final say.
  • David Litt

  • Outlook
  • Perspective

  • No, the NRA did not start out as a civil rights organization.
    • Frank Smyth

    No, predators can’t ‘smell’ fear.
    • Eva Holland

    No, uninsured people do not rely more on emergency care.
    • Brian J. Zink

    No, they’re not found only in poorer nations.

    No, vaccines are not cash cows for the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Michael S. Kinch

    No, Uber drivers don’t have much flexibility.
    • Shelly Steward

    No, welfare programs aren’t the answer to poverty. But fraud isn’t widespread, either.
    • Mark R. Rank

    No, it’s not just about protecting the president.
    • Garrett M. Graff

    No, you don’t have to be a corporate insider to do it.
    • Donna M. Nagy

    No, you don’t need to keep a rigid schedule.

    It’s not designed to protect small businesses.
    • John W. Mayo and Mark Whitener

    Travel restrictions and masks won’t actually help much.

    Her books were actually racy — and not ignored in her lifetime.
    • Devoney Looser

    No, higher turnout would not necessarily help Democrats.
    • Rachel Bitecofer

    It’s not all about crashing power grids and airplanes.
    • Ben Buchanan

    No, he didn’t wear a wig, and he wasn’t a great military commander.
    • Alexis Coe

    No, the Civil War didn’t end slavery, and the first Africans didn’t arrive in America in 1619.
    • Daina Ramey Berry and Talitha L. LeFlouria

    • Perspective

    No, it is not the world’s “greatest deliberative body” — and it’s not stuck in the past.
    • Kathy Kiely

    No, it isn’t dead, and its purveyors aren’t all hopped up on drugs.

    • Perspective

    No, it wasn’t the norm throughout U.S. history.

    • Perspective

    No, presidents can’t do whatever they want.
    • Scott R. Anderson

    • Perspective

    No, you don’t get it from eating too many sweets.
    • Heather Ferris
    • Perspective

    No, buying a lottery ticket isn’t a better investment when the jackpot gets big.
    • George Loewenstein

    • Perspective

    Was the 1977 movie a template for all other blockbusters, or the work of an auteur?
    • Julie Turnock

    • Perspective

    No, protests don’t really require charismatic leaders.
    • Maria J. Stephan and Adam Gallagher

    • Perspective

    No, black voters are not uniformly liberal.
    • Theodore R. Johnson

    • Perspective

    No, country radio didn’t feature more women in the ’60s and ’70s.
    • Jocelyn Neal

    • Perspective

    The First Amendment wasn’t always first.
    • Stephanie Barclay

    • Perspective

    No, they aren’t deserted and doomed.

    • Perspective

    No, it didn’t cause the 2008 market crash.
    • Rebecca M. Jordan-Young and Katrina Karkazis

    • Perspective

    No, vaping is not as harmful as smoking cigarettes, and it doesn’t cause “popcorn lung”
    • Daniel Giovenco
    • Perspective

    He’s neither the shadow president nor a mere bystander.
    • Tom LoBianco

    • Perspective

    They’re not a racial group. And they’re not all opposed to Trump.
    • Horacio Sierra
    • Perspective

    There’s no civil war. Corruption is getting better. And it’s not “the Ukraine.”
    • Nina Jankowicz
    • Perspective

    No, antioxidants and longer telomeres are not the answer to immortality
    • William Mair

    • Perspective

    No, rich families at elite schools aren’t really paying their own way.

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