Monday, June 8, 2020

ANSWERING THE CALL. A documentary. Never forget to VOTE.

Answering the Call
A documentary

Fifty one years ago, the nation watched in horror as bloody images of police attacks on civil rights protestors in Selma, Alabama aired on television. John Witeck was a sophomore at the University of Virginia when he saw the graphic coverage of Bloody Sunday, and when Dr. King called for supporters to travel to Selma to march for justice he packed his bags and journeyed south.

Fifty one years later, John and his nephew Brian Jenkins (Director) traveled back to Alabama to document John’s story of Selma, the fight for voting rights, and the evolution of the Voting Rights Act; the law that prevented voting discrimination and protected every American’s right to vote.
In 2013, this monumental protection for all Americans earned by the blood of heroized civil rights advocates was struck down by the Supreme Court. Alabama and many other states have since passed new types of restrictive voting laws that those who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King fought so hard to overcome.

Highly Recommend.
More relevant even in 2020.

Charles D. Sharp
Chairman Emeritus\CEO
BEMA International
Cornell University Climate Fellow
Washington, D.C.

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