Sunday, June 7, 2020

System Failure: Law Enforcement in the U.S. . Funding from U.S. DOJ and NCJRS system.

Trust and credibility of Fire\EMS, and Emergency Management are being hindered by loss of on entity in the response to disasters\crisis, saving lives, serving and protecting the public.  The credibility lost from the Law Enforcement element in the process.

Great emphasis must be placed on not only saving lives, and protecting those that law enforcement servers, but changing the funding the money allocations to States, Counties, Cities, and local juridictions.

Research all avenues to obtain a picture of the local system structure.

Google 'model of u.s. law enforcement system'

Check: \  for funding for community based policing.

It is not a point of revising, and reformation.  Vulnerable and marginalized communities, Black, Latinx, and vulnerable members of the community have save the reforms, body cameras implemented, cultural competency and other education and training implemented.

But the same results are still occurring.

Change shall have to come in a total revamping of the entire system.

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