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Stories are our key. Are you listening?

Thank you Rudy.

Are others listening to what 
BEMA International 
are saying for our survival, for our future?


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Subject: Are you listening? Fwd: Letter

I feel compelled to share this, but I think this group, in particular, needs to hear it.

For those of you in this community still thinking that there isn't internal anti-racism work you need to do, you are still not listening.

Ruth Tyson shared their personal story at UCS. There were pieces of her narrative I will never fully understand as a fair-skinned Latina woman, but for many points, I felt as if they could have been in the room with me.

I want to also recognize that there is still work that I and the Latinx community have to do, given the Latinx communities’ deep and active history of its own racism. I also personally believe these accounts can also resonate with those working for institutions of color, as passed oppressive & sexist behavior is alive and well.

I want to be clear, although I am making this specific ask, this does not replace, but is a part of the anti-racist work, that I hope all of us have and must continue to do. To unequivocally say that Black Lives Matter and demand that institutions and leaders that perpetuate white supremacy be held accountable.

It is your responsibility as those who represent organizations who want to “grow the movement” are “committed to equity and diversity” to examine the power and privilege you hold right where you stand and work every day.

To those who have worked with me for years, who may think positively of me in a personal or/or professional sense. I want you to know that I was moved to tears, but I am so tired I could not express them.  I have been trained and mentored to normalize this behavior, to accept it as a sacrifice of process, to make my white colleagues feel safe and unthreatened unless I selectively choose otherwise.

I feel remorse that at this moment, I personally could not detail my own story, as Ruth has bravely done. Given that I have unconsciously and consciously buried my own experiences for so long in order to continue to do this work or perhaps more simply there are just too many instances to keep track of. 

So thank you, Ruth, for telling your truth, for having the wisdom and courage not to bury your pain and to choose joy instead. I hope I can learn from it and continue to do my work to grow.

Finally, before you reach out to ask what you can do, I am going to need you to 1. Read Ruths' story and support Ruth (Info below)  2. Self-reflect on your own privilege and past behavior  3. Commit to do the work and be specific about your first actions  4. Please share with the community and your white peers that you are doing this work and hold them accountable.  The BIPOC community can not do this work for you, just as you learned the policy you advocate on, learn what you need to do to be anti-racist.

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In Solidarity & Service,


This letter is being shared widely with Ruth's permission. Please share and support her if it moves you to do so.

Amanda M. Aguirre
COO & Executive Vice President
My Pronouns: She/Her/Ella

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Subject: [GreenLatinos] Letter: Speaking Truth to Power

From: Ruth Tyson <\g>
Sent: Monday, June 1, 2020 9:15 AM
To: All Employees <>
Subject: Farewell <3

Good morning colleagues, comrades, acquaintances,

Today is my last day at UCS. I wrote about the very difficult decision to end this chapter in my life, and my thoughts on recent tragedies and (some of) UCS' role in them.

Thank you for all the lessons and allowing me to witness all of your stories, minds, energies, and beautiful selves. Wondering what's next for me? Me too! I have no idea, but I plan to spend this summer taking care of myself. Breathing, releasing, healing. Getting to know and falling in love with myself and my community again. 

If you've ever had a meaningful interaction with me (or have no idea who I am and would like to get to know me), please consider subscribing to my newly launched patreon channel. By doing so, you can support my survival as well as stay connected, experience my art and journey through music and other expressions along my path.

P.S. took me a lot of emotional labor to write this, and to endure almost 3 years at this institution, and I am now without income indefinitely. I invite you to send some compensation if you've learned anything valuable from me over the years. Or if you would just like to invest in my wellbeing. 

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If you'd like to stay in touch, you can reach me at

To infinity and beyond!

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