Monday, January 4, 2021

The Current State of Africa. Confrontation with the Actions of Reality. January 2021.

 The Current State of Africa

1. Arabs mass-murderously stole 50% of your land, and still counting.

2. The Chinese are buying up the rest.

3. Desertification is spreading.

4. Some African leaders are not African leaders. They are instruments of the West.

5. They Africans peoples also are not african. Sub-saharan Africans are actually, truly, proud Euramericans in black skins and super-saharan Africans are Arabs in black skins. So Africa is conquered already.

6. The 1, 001 panafrican groups all working assiduously towards african unity are themselves consciousness and unconsciously, willfully and diswillfully disunited, disjointed, disconnected, disassociated, disaffected, silo-istic, islandic, each striving hard, but achieving little result on their own, going round in circles, revolutionising.

7. VonBismark, dead for 136 years still imprisons and limits the thinking of 1.3 billion Africans, even so-called panafricanists. They cannot think outside the borders that vonbismark imposed.

8. Transmogrified Euramericans and Arabs, they now freely and gleefully haemorrhage their money, time, labour, intellect etc out to their enemies. Anti-blackwallstreet.

8. VonBismark-ism still leads to xenocide, border disputes, national disputes, football murders etc.
 (When was the last time you heard one North American state fight another?)

9. Africans think they live in a democratic world, with their enemies as chief democratic peoples and friends of Africa. Even after Obama destroyed Libya, South Africa still invited him to talk about democracy for 90 minutes. We are a haplessly, hopelessly confused people.

10. We think 'God will do it", and so spend endless hours in prayer and none in taking responsibility.

11. Being transmogrified Euramericans and Arabs, we chase the Euramerican dream and the Arab dream, not the African dream.

The African dream is precisely that, to Africans-- a dream. A dead dream. Stillborn, even.

12. Far too divided along ethnic, tribal, political, ethnopolitical, religious, vonbismark lines.

13. Lack of vision. Can't even think 100 years into the future.

14. Africa, unlike poorer countries like Japan, Singapore etc. suffers from the rich man's syndrome--everyone wants a piece. So they actively destroy and hamper our progress.

15. And africans say we shouldn't talk about the reality of our enemies.

16. Africans think their enemies are their friends. How will they begin to defend themselves?

17. So they fight each other, instead of the real enemies, weakening themselves.

18. State assets are sometimes sold cheaply and foreign entities are taking over.

19. It is well-known that africans don't read about Africa by africans and so don't know about africa by africans. Maybe due to poverty, soap operas or too-known-ism. They skim through at best and rush to respond askew with little comprehension.

20. Lack of reading or lack of comprehension is a symptom of lack of value of knowledge, and of new knowledge, research findings, even a despising of such, leading to unwisdom; whereas our enemies are the opposite--they treasure knowledge, new knowledge, and by knowledge, they conquer.

21. Egocetricism from both misleaders and misfollowers, not realising that individual success is fragile, transient, mirage-ous. 

22. Offence when told the truth, instead of acknowledging it and solutionising.

This is the current reality of the state of Africa.

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