Sunday, January 7, 2024

Haiti: The power of Pan-Africanist and the Diaspora to propel Haiti by 2030.

Global Pan-Africanist, and the diaspora could propel Haiti to the same level of the other nations of the Caribbean.

  • By increasing K12 level education to all citizens.
  • By 2030 eliminate all fossil fuel vehicle and convert to total electric.
  • Eliminating squatting on un-owned properties.
  • Increase housing.  In many countries in less then six months housing complexes\communities are created.  Housing eligibility should be based on education & training in hygiene, personal health care, water & waste management, and civic\civil service to keeping roads and sewage system functional.  
  • Create more resort and tourist attractions.
  • Controlling export of Haitians as migrant workers in Caribbean, Central, and South American nations.
  • By partnering with Cuba to expand healthcare and public health services, and eliminating U.N., and U.S. intervention.  Has other nations interventions worked in the past?
  • By public and elected officials salaries or compensation at no greater compensation then the country average.
  • By increasing more small farmer production and away from the major cities.

More true development and structured approaches can be accomplished to solve the issues.

If  many nations in the Middle East in less than 50-years can develop and become the center for much of the worlds growth in many of the critical infrastructure sectors.  

What has stopped Haiti from using the same formula with less resources, or the resources that made it a central hub for products in the 1800 and 1900's?

Change the paradigm

Come together with ONE GOAL, and not a goal spread over 10,000 miles away from the Americas.

Solve the issues of Haiti now.

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