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Art. Culture: David Russell Batiste Sr. Receives Well-Deserved Honor from Offbeat Magazine, Plus NOSACONN South Africa & Lundi Gras News

David Russell Batiste Sr., Lousiana Hall of Famer,
Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from Offbeat Magazine.

David Russell Batiste Sr. Receives Well-Deserved Honor from Offbeat Magazine, Plus NOSACONN South Africa & Lundi Gras News

Read the latest about the honor, news from South Africa and upcoming performances by NOLA’s Royal Family of Music.

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January 5, 2024


New Orleans, LA- The New Year for Damon J. Batiste, New Orleans Cultural Ambassador and Founder of NOSACONN (New Orleans South Africa Connection) begins with the great news of his father, David Batiste Sr.’s honor by OffBeat Magazine as recipient of the LifeTime Achievement Award, announced today with a front-page cover and article, “David Russell Batiste, Sr.: Best of the Beat Lifetime Achievement in Music."

“Great to see Pops get his props,” said Damon J. Batiste of “NOLA’s Royal Family of Music,” the Batistes. Coming off the unexpected news of the Senior’s loss in September of 2023 of his first child and namesake, talented and versatile musician David Russell Batiste Jr., the award is inspiring news for the legendary music that some say initiated the funk sound with the family’s first band, “David and the Gladiators.” Offbeat Magazine’s January edition cover page with Batiste’s trademark symbol the melodica speaks volumes even alluding to famed nephew and melodica player, Jon Batiste, who is weeks away from possibly adding six more awards to his five Grammys from among 20 nominations received to date.

Batiste added that his father is not only a musical trailblazer for the Batiste Family, but other musicians as well. “Having just celebrated his 75th birthday in September, It’s great to see that he is still at it, bringing joy to the hearts of people,” said Batiste. “Music is not labor, it’s all creative love that brings healing. He lives in the moment of the music to bring about positive transformation.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award recipient hits the stage at the end of the month for Off Beat Magazine’s special awards show at Tipitina’s New Orleans January, 24, 2024.

Batiste is just back from his 86th round trip visit with inland flights from Johannesburg, to Durban and Cape Town, South Africa.

Damon Batiste and NOSACONN have demonstrated to be a great friend to the country, celebrating only 30 years of freedom, while promoting its greatest cultural assets of Music, Films, Fashion and Trade Industry.

Damon Batiste's Statement
In a report to friends and supporters of NOSACONN Batiste stated:

“The Beaches of Durban were amazing… to feel the Freedom on the Indian Ocean while dreaming of Late Brother Russell Batiste and Brass Band Music. Johannesburg outdoor Dining in fantastic atmosphere in Sandton and Rosebank, shows new Developments.

Century City in Cape Town were newly created Subdivisions with signs of further growth having expanded since the 2010 World Cup hosted by South Africa.

My initial intentions were to see, feel the creative expression of new talented artists from the excitement created by Soweto's Mzanzi Youth Choir that made the finals of America's Got Talent.

So much to see in So Little Time. I was able to See Christmas carolers at Durban International Convention Center as Guest of the CEO and Executive Staff. Also stayed in the Mountains and Hills and saw over a Million locals attend a Church outdoor service. Being in Africa never gets old with Amazing Energy.

The Highlight of the Visit was a Tour of Nelson Mandela Children's Hospital with seeing Smiles and hope on the Faces of Kids with Special Needs getting Special Care.”

With the celebration of Lundi Gras imminent, Batiste will connect the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital experience with a parade at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans with his special needs son DJ Batiste, “King of the Day” to inspire other children and families that have and/or support children with special needs. “It’s been a sixteen-year journey for our family and I’d like to begin sharing some of the things we’ve learned along the way, said Batiste.” DJ’s older sisters, my daughters Leilah and Nala will help celebrate our young king.”

Lundi Gras is Feb. 12th, 2024. Riverwalk Collective will be the place to be. Live Music and Second Line - 11am to 6pm on Live TV in New Orleans. The kickoff will be from Riverwalk, Spanish Plaza King Rex and Zulu will be toasted live on Local TV.

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Founded by Damon J. Batiste in 1998, the New Orleans South African Connection, Inc. (NOSACONN) has been a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, comprised of business, civic, community and entertainment industry leaders, both in New Orleans and in the Republic of South Africa. The unique partnership between the two entities has allowed NOSACONN to produce special events in the City of New Orleans and the Republic of South Africa. NOSACONN has recognized the field of arts, culture & education on a local, regional and international level as a tremendous networking tool for job creation, tourism, and self-empowerment. It has also served as an incubator for economic sustainability. NOSACONN’s collaboration extends to other countries in Africa.


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