Wednesday, September 21, 2022

$25.00 Gift Card for Survey. Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference

The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference has partnered with the Gilead COMPASS Faith Coordinating Center at Wake Forest University’s School of Divinity to better understand faith-inspired inclusive communities and the services they offer.   
They are providing a $25.00 gift card if you complete a short 15-20 minute survey about your organization/institution/faith community’s provision of or willingness to provide educational programming and/or support services for people vulnerable to or living with HIV/AIDS.  
The purpose of this proposed project is to develop a dynamic, searchable database of faith based organizations, such as nonprofit organizations with a faith-based initiative or mission and faith communities (e.g., church, synagogue, mosque, temple, etc.) across religious traditions, that minister to people vulnerable to or living with HIV, to be added to the Service Locator. 
To complete the survey, we would like individuals aged 18 years and older and affiliated with the organizations mentioned in the above categories to respond.

**People vulnerable to HIV do not have HIV but may experience life circumstances that increase their likelihood of being exposed to the virus. 

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