Monday, October 3, 2022

2nd annual Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP27. October 3-6, 2022


2nd annual Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP27


Hello Charles,

The 2nd annual Sustainability Week: Countdown to COP27 has kicked off!

Day one starts with welcome and opening remarks by Alok Sharma and Justin Trudeau.

09.30 BST - Opening remarks with Economist Impact

09.35 BST - Opening remarks: Committing to a green future: what can be done to speed up change? with Alok Sharma, President, 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference

09.40 BST - Opening remarks with Justin Trudeau, Prime minister, Canada




09.45 BST - Presentation: Forestry at the frontier—Regreening the planet

09.50 BST - Interview: The future of climate: Three sectors where companies can drive progress towards the paris agreement’s goals

10.10 BST - Panel: Natural capital—working with nature to reach net zero

11.00 BST - Interview: Balancing priorities: how companies need to keep progressing in sustainability

11.25 BST - Panel: Transforming the global financial network to reach net zero

12.10 BST - Panel: Environment first or governance? Climate impact and investor returns

12.45 BST - Interview: Net zero and the bigger picture - Opportunities in a new market

13.00 BST - Panel: Public-private partnerships—deploying finance to developing countries

13.45 BST - In conversation: How should companies react to activism

14.30 BST - Panel: The green paradox—is divesting from brown assets always the best strategy?

15.15 BST - Panel: From mining to electric vehicles: How the whole supply chain is improving standards

15.50 BST - Panel: What data should be made transparent in climate disclosures?

16.30 BST - Fireside chat: What has been achieved since the International Sustainability Standards Board was announced at COP26, and what’s the path ahead?

17.05 BST - Interview: Working in a net-zero future: how to navigate the transition effectively

17.25 BST - Mastering data and tech: The pre-requisites to sustainability compliance & transformation

17.35 BST - Panel: Governments Pledge, Cities Deliver

18.10 BST - Panel: Insurance — How should the industry leverage finance to tackle climate change and ever increasing climate risk?

18.55 BST - Panel: Moving to a serious carbon market—putting a global price on carbon

19.30 BST - Regeneration: Mining Innovation for the Energy Transition

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