Monday, October 3, 2022

Exercises Test and Evaluate Your Plans. Taking Place in LA. Get ready. What about your Community? October 2022

NOTE:  For informational purposes only.  Zoom and other online monitoring of this exercises has not be established.  Registration for Los Angeles residents.

The Grayburn "Great Shakeout" Exercise is 20 days away. Actually 19 in a few minutes. If you haven't signed up, make sure you do so. 

If this is your first exercise, it's gonna be a good one. If it isn't, you will find yourself challenged. NO CANCELLATION...TAKES PLACE RAIN OR SHINE.

See you there. Use the Eventbrite link to sign up:


South Bureau Coordinator & 
LAFD CERT Call Out Team Dispatcher

"Head 'em up, move 'em on!"

FCC GMRS Call Sign: WQXR577

The 4th Annual Second Saturday of September (SSOS) Grayburn Neighborhood Disaster Response Exercise (postponed from September to October due to weather) tests our volunteer community responders' abilities to form teams following an earthquake, assess the severity of incidents they encounter, report, triage, and stabilize the incidents to buy time for professional first responders or more advanced volunteer Incident Response Teams to arrive.

We hold focused single-skill drills across the City of Los Angeles that are based off the same template and Standard Operating Procedures so that you can focus on that one skill so you can have a lot of practice and can get it right.

This full-function exercise combine multiple skills like setting up the Staging Area, organizing and deploying Damage Assessment Teams, radioing reports back to Staging, tracking teams in the field, prioritizing incidents, and then deploying Incident Response Teams to the incidents with the goal of doing the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of People in the Shortest Amount of Time.

Participants will walk from the gathering area to the Neighborhood Staging Area and check in. Abled bodied responders will be deployed on Damage Assessment or Incident Response Teams which will walk the local area.

Those with mobility or physical challenges can support the Staging Area but you will need to be able to walk less than 1000 feet from the Gathering Site to the Staging Area.

Download the Step-By-Step Guides and SOP here:

This drill is open to everyone regardless of if you are Community Emergency Response Team trained or live in the area or not. This Drill is also open to observers who do not wish to actively participate in the Drill.

Due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, all participants and observers will be encouraged to wear a face covering or an N95 mask as we would do actually following an earthquake.

If you feel sick, do not come. There will be plenty of other drills.

Participants will practice responding to earthquake response and will be issued N95 masks that you would normally wear after an earthquake when there is dust, smoke, and particulates in the air that you do not want to breathe. This will be good practice wearing these masks and walking around with them on.

Participants will be expected to bring your disaster response bags. Bring what you have. If you need a list of what should be in your bag, is a good start. Do not rush out to buy everything you don't have. If you are not equipped for a certain role, you will be placed into a role you are equipped for.

Long pants and close-toed shoes or boots are required for field teams for safety purposes. If you wear shorts, skirts, dresses, or open toed footwear you will be able to participate at the Staging Area.

Expendable supplies such as N95 masks, medical gloves, medical gauze, caution tape, etc. will be provided for you when you need to use it so you do not burn through your own supplies. Make sure you bring them because you will be required to demonstrate that you have them before you will be issued the supplies to use.

for the drill will be between 0800 to 0830.

The Gathering Site will be at the South End of Edgehill Drive in the 3900 Block.

Parking available towards the North end of the park off of Martin Luther King and Degnan or

 Additional Parking available on adjacent street west of Edgehill – Norton or

On adjacent street east of Edgehill -- Degnan.


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