Thursday, October 20, 2022

The Jackson, Miss., Water Crisis Is Not Over October 2022

The Jackson, Miss., Water Crisis Is Not Over

There were equipment and staffing shortages.

At this point it seems like an old story. Remember when Jackson, Miss., was in the news because their water system had failed, and actually had been failing for a long time before floodwaters brought things to a head? We as a nation have moved on, but what caused the water crisis is still not fixed. The pumps may be pumping, but there are ongoing staffing shortages at the plant and those are still an issue.

See this short article: "MEMA, Unified Command seeking emergency staffing contract due to Jackson water crisis." One year is not forever, I hope they can use that time wisely to get things in place to have a sustained effort to provide clean, potable water to the residents of that city.

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