Tuesday, April 25, 2023

[IRDR Workshop] New Technology vs Disaster Risk Reduction: Opportunities and Emerging Risks

A Framework for Global Science in support of Risk Informed Sustainable Development and Planetary Health 

(ISC-UNDRR-IRDR, 2021, hereafter as the Research Framework) identified nine research priorities for cooperation. 

To advance the implementation of the Research Framework, IRDR will organize a series of workshops in 2023 to further discuss the implications of priority setting and the lines of actions for DRR community. 

This workshop, scheduled on 4 May, UTC8:00-9:30,  will focus on Priority 5 “Harness technologies, data and knowledge for risk reduction”. For detailed information and participation in this workshop: https://www.irdrinternational.org/news/943 

Please feel free to contact us @ fang.lian@irdrinternational.org if you have any questions

Best regards

Fang Lian (Ms.)
Science Officer
Integrated Research on Disaster Risk|IPO
c/o AIR/Chinese Academy of Science (CAS),
Room B713, No 9 Dengzhuangnan Rd.,
Haidian District, Beijing, China 100094

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