Monday, July 3, 2023

LAFD CERT Valley Community Meeting - July 9th NEW LOCATION NEW LOCATION

 *****New Larger Location*****

sorry for the short notice - but I just confirmed we can use a large Auditorium space thanks to Senator Menjivar and her staff who are all CERT trained!  

And if the location works out well for us.. I can plan some unique inside/outside CERT trainings where we can spread out. If you are paying attention.. Sunday's training will look a lot like June's.. but with a bit "more...

We will practice Search & Rescue and Triage where Rescuers will find and assess live patients, then take them to the Field Treatment Area where the Tarp Leader will record their intake details. The Medical team will reassess (Head to Toe) each patient, document findings and communicated findings to the Tarp Leader.

Note, some patients might worsen - - so Medical will have to keep checking their vitals. Some patients will be need to be marked higher-priority for when a Rescue Ambulance arrives to take patients to advanced care.

Areas of focus will be Rapid Triage, Documentation, Head To Toe Assessments and reassessments, Patient Priority, Documentation... Documentation...

FEMA CERT ICS Forms can be found with a quick google-search or go to our main website (below) where we’ve bundled a pdf of the 8 most common forms.

Register at:

When: Sunday, July 9th

Time:  1pm to 3pm

Where:  6150 Van Nuys Blvd, Van Nuys 91401 – “The Auditorium”

Park: (specific directions will be updated after July 4th)

Please wear comfortable clothing – we will be wearing all CERT PPE. Reminder, for all our meetings – very smart to bring water, a clipboard and pen and paper!

Reminder:  Open Battalion Coordinator Positions for Battalions 10 and 14

Since our longtime Battalion 14 CERT Coordinators have retired, we have 2 spots open for their roles. We also have 2 open spots in Battalion 10 as well!

The best CERT Battalion Coordinators are those of us who like taking an active role in their communities, who are organized and believe in preparing their communities for emergencies.   If you would like to play a more integral role in the LAFD CERT Program, please let me know!

/Christy Adair
LAFD CERT Valley Bureau Coordinator
Proudly serving the Valley Bureau since 2001

For more information:

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