Sunday, July 9, 2023

Support Aviation Educational Scholarships. Future Pilots Fund and win a 1962 Piper Cherokee 160. Drawing August 15, 2023

Future Pilots Fund 


This is an Absolute Gem of a Piper Cherokee.

This plane has been absolutely loved on its whole life. Currently has under 600 hours on the engine (plane currently being flown daily so time will increase). There will be years of life left in this engine for the winner of this plane. This plane is outfitted with a new interior, retractable shoulder harnesses, and wonderful avionics package including an Aspen Evolution digital Attitude Indicator and Heading Indicator (so no vacuum system). This plane is also equipped with a 3-axis auto-pilot. Lets not forget the Power Flow exhaust which adds an extra 14 Horsepower. This is a true Cross Country Machine, completely IFR ready or just a great traveler for the VFR PPL.

To think you could have this plane valued at over $85,000 for just a hundred bucks is virtually unthinkable, yet for 1 lucky Pilot, this will be true In July!

About Future Pilots Fund:

Future Pilots Fund is a NEW Missouri Based 501c3.

Our Mission is to provide funding to Aviation Related Education Organizations. This funding will be to help train future pilots, A&Ps, ATCs, Aeronautical Engineers, Airport Managers, and the list goes on.

My name is Joseph Ord, and My wife Meghen and I run a flight school in St. Louis, Piston Aviation. Our Flight School has grown very quickly and what we are seeing is a lack of general aviation scholarship opportunities for those with a passion to pursue the dream. WE decided to start this Fund to hopefully help fill the gap.

Do not worry, we will not be using any of these funds at our Flight School. We have set up an independent Selection Committee to decide what organizations will get the funds. None of the Directors or Board Members of Future Pilots Fund sit on this committee. The committee's only directive is to distribute the funds per the mission of Future Pilots Fund.

Our website is currently under construction and should be up by June 1st. Organizations will be able to submit applications for funding through this website.

THANK YOU for your Support! & GOOD LUCK!


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Washington, D.C.  20020

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A 501 (c) 3 organization



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