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Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Partner Funding Opportunities and Grants Announcement

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Grand Challenges in Global Health launched in 2003.

Our aim was to encourage the world's best scientists to focus on the biggest problems standing in the way of the health and well-being of billions of people in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). In the two decades since, other partners have started their own Grand Challenges programs, and together we've created a global network of funders and innovators dedicated to equity in global health and development.


After all these years, our mission and values - innovation and equity - have not changed. But as we continue our search for innovative solutions to the world's most urgent global health and development problems, we've learned we can get further, faster when innovators from around the world work in partnership with one another.


Grant Opportunities from the Gates Foundation and Grand Challenges Partners

At GCAM, we announced several new requests for proposals (RFPs). We urge you to consider submitting proposals in response to one or more of these requests, and we hope you will share these links with your colleagues. Please check the website at the links below for the application deadlines and more information.


Catalyzing Equitable Artificial Intelligence (AI) Use to Improve Global Health, launched jointly by several Grand Challenges partners, will enable LMICs to take the lead on designing AI solutions for improving community health and well-being.

Strengthening Health and Disease Modeling for Public Health Decision Making in Africa, launched jointly between Wellcome and Gates Foundation will support and grow the ecosystem of public health modelers across the continent.


Opportunities to Advance Women's Health Innovation will kickstart work to address persistent gaps in women's health R&D worldwide.


Strengthening Childcare Models that Advance Women's Economic Power will test, compare, and support care models that improve work opportunities and pathways to leadership for women in South Asia and Africa.


Strengthening African National Regulatory Agencies Data Systems to Enhance and Track Performance will boost emerging African regulatory ecosystems by facilitating the harmonization of technical standards and processes, data generation, and Key Performance Indicator measurement.


Grantees Selected for 2022 RFPs


Meanwhile, the innovators who received grants in 2022 are hard at work pushing the frontiers of science and innovation.

For instance, as part of the cohort from the 2022 Grand Challenges Annual Meeting Call-to-Action, an African Postdoctoral Training Initiative fellow returning to Kenya is leading a malaria study using CRISPR to solve the mystery of how resistance to common malaria drugs develops, helping us protect these drugs' usefulness in the fight against malaria.


Likewise, Strengthening Modeling and Analytics Capacity and Ecosystem for Women's Health helped launch a data modeling collaboration among Cameroon, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, and Tanzania that will empower mostly female modelers to explore the development of interactive simulation software to inform future strategies for HIV and HPV control, including HPV vaccination.


We invite you to read summaries of the grants awarded to date through Grand Challenges initiatives with the Gates Foundation as funder or co-funder.


2023 Grand Challenges Annual Meeting



The Next 20 Years


Two decades of Grand Challenges have made it clear: building diverse and connected communities gets us better answers to persistent questions in global health. Along with our partners, we look forward to announcing many more RFPs and awards in the coming months and years that will keep on broadening our perspective, finding expertise everywhere and bringing the world closer to solving the most challenging problems we face.


Please be on the lookout for more emails announcing funding opportunities and share them with your network-and thank you so much for your interest and support.




The Global Partnerships & Grand Challenges team


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