Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Process Flow: FEMA Lifts Immediate Needs Funding (INF) Restrictions October 1, 2023


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FEMA Lifts Immediate Needs Funding (INF) Restrictions 

The Continuing Resolution signed on Sept. 30 gives FEMA access to enough funding to lift Immediate Needs Funding (INF).

FEMA's top priorities are meeting disaster survivors' immediate needs and ensuring states, tribes and territories have the necessary lifesaving and life-sustaining resources to respond to disasters. FEMA implemented INF restrictions on August 29 due to a series of major disaster activities and a rapidly depleting Disaster Relief Fund balance. This guidance allowed the agency to prioritize ongoing disaster operations and preserve funding for initial response and recovery activities for any new incidents. Under INF, new obligations for non-lifesaving and life-sustaining activities were paused so FEMA could continue its focus on response and urgent recovery efforts without interruption.

The Continuing Resolution included $16 billion of supplemental funding for FEMA, and provides access to an additional $20 billion for the duration of the Continuing Resolution. Lifting INF allows FEMA to begin processing obligations on the over 2,400 projects that were paused. This provides vital funding for schools and hospitals across the nation, as well as critical infrastructure projects that will mitigate damage from future disasters.

Delayed projects will be processed as quickly as possible in the order they were paused. FEMA estimates that all delayed projects will be funded within the next several weeks.

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