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Washington, D.C. Celebrates Nigerian American Day - October 1, 2023 The Nigerian Center Announces New Initiatives

Congratulations to the Nigerian Center, Diaspora in the Washington, D.C. area, U.S. National, globally, and especially to our members within Nigeria (NEMA, Delta Region), and neighboring nations. 

Barriers and borders don't exist.  

More work to be done to remove all barriers globally.

"We Are One!"

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Washington, D.C. — Mayor Muriel Bowser has once again issued a proclamation, declaring Sunday, October 1, 2023, as “Nigerian American Day” in the District of Columbia. This proclamation shines a spotlight on the cultural richness and contributions of the Nigerian American community to the fabric of the nation's capital and the United States as a whole.

In response to this recognition, the Nigerian Center is rallying its community and allies across the United States to celebrate these contributions and offer support to those on their journey to becoming Nigerian Americans.

According to Gbenga Ogunjimi, Executive Director of the Nigerian Center:

"Today, as we celebrate Nigeria’s independence and the significance of Nigerian American Day, we reflect upon the pivotal role played by the Nigerian Center as a pillar of support within our community. It is remarkable to consider that just a few years ago, there was no such center anywhere in the country dedicated to advancing our community's interests. Whether it's championing immigration justice, providing essential financial and homeownership programs, or fostering cultural initiatives, the Nigerian Center is reshaping our collective narrative in America and forging new paths for emerging Nigerian Americans."

We are pleased to announce the following initiatives to be rolled out by the center in the coming weeks:


1.  Policy Advocacy: Securing Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Nigeria. There are currently over 100,000 undocumented Nigerians in the US who, through TPS, can overcome financial exclusion, become taxpayers, and employers of labor.

2.  Financial Education: Launching the "Path to Prosperity: Unlocking the American Dream" entrepreneurship education series for African immigrants. This program includes a free financial clinic component where new Nigerian immigrants can receive free tax education and preparation services during the 2024 tax season and beyond.

3.  Civic Education: Challenging the culture of civic apathy in our community through civic education through the “Community to Capitol” series, a program to educate our community on civic engagement, participatory democracy, and justice.

4.  Cultural Preservation: Providing cultural programs and language classes for the African diaspora to reconnect with their Nigerian ancestry. This will include introducing African language curriculum and cultural classes in U.S. Public and Private Schools.

5.  Storytelling and Media: Redefining the stereotypes surrounding the Nigerian community by developing a media component that tells our story and changes the narrative. Starting in October 2023, we will release a short documentary that showcases the varied contributions of this community on both the local and global levels.


To read the full proclamation from Mayor Bowser, please visit




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