Saturday, November 11, 2023

Office of Intergovernmental Affairs
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

FEMA and CISA released “Planning Considerations for Cyber Incidents: Guidance for Emergency Managers” which provides state, local, tribal and territorial emergency managers with foundational knowledge of cyber incidents to increase cyber preparedness efforts in their jurisdictions. 


Key aspects of cyber incident preparedness included in the document are:  

§   Understanding the types of cyber incidents likely to occur; 

§   Engaging service owners and operators; 

§   Identifying cyber dependent critical services and related dependencies;  

§   Prioritizing mand planning for service and system disruptions; 

§   Identifying roles and responsibilities; 

§   Providing integrated communication and public messaging; and  

§   Developing a cyber incident response plan. 


During November, CISA will support several 60-minute FEMA-led webinar sessions that will provide an overview of thefinal guide and supporting materials.


For continued updates on efforts related to the guide, including webinars, visit FEMA webpage You can also find this guide along with additional resources at

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency


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