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Exercise Participation: Underserved Jurisdictions. FEMA National Exercise Program 2024.

Participation in exercise are another method of determining the needs of a community, and most importantly those needs can be a basis for DHS\FEMA and other grant funding opportunities (not loans).

Participate in any and all emergency management and other public agency exercises in your community.  

  • emergency management, 
  • local airport. 
  • private sector, 
  • public health, 
  • water environmental spills, 
  • electrical power company especially nuclear power,
  • college\university, to
  • CERT (community emergency response team) exercises.  

BEMA International


FEMA’s National Exercise Program is now accepting requests for exercise support. To be considered for the 2024 round of the National Exercise Program, submissions are due by March 1. 

This will be the only opportunity to request exercise support in 2024.

For jurisdictions not ready to submit a request at this time, the National Exercise Program will hold another exercise support round in 2025.

Instructions for how to submit a request for support are on the National Exercise Program website. Applications are open to all state, local, tribal and territorial governments but new applicants,
especially those from underserved jurisdictions, are urged to apply.

The National Exercise Program is a four-year cycle of exercises across the nation that examine and validate capabilities in all preparedness mission areas. 

The National Exercise Program offers state, local, tribal and territorial jurisdictions no-cost assistance for exercise design, development, conduct and evaluation to validate capabilities across all mission areas.

In January, FEMA will host webinars to discuss the exercise support process. 

All webinars will offer the same content. 

To see all webinar dates and to register, please visit the webinar registration page. National Exercise Program staff are available to answer your specific exercise support application questions. Write to and include “2024 Exercise Support Question” in the subject line. Program staff will be in contact answer your questions.


The National Exercise Program


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