Monday, September 26, 2022

Focus: EPA Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights. September 26, 2022

Environmental Justice advocates.............. NAACP, others.

Focus to utilize the system for community sustainability.
Piecemeal approaches such as Flint, MI and Jackson, MS coming to the forefront are not enough.
What is the complete list?
Forgotten tactics and strategies.  EPA is one of the greatest resources for monitoring, evaluation, and enforcement.

BEMA International

September 24, 2022 (Saturday) 

EPA unveils new office to place environmental justice at agency’s core

In creating a high-profile new Office of Environmental Justice and External Civil Rights, the administration hopes to enshrine a focus on equity for long-polluted communities that will “outlive all of us,” says Administrator Michael Regan.

“……Beginning in the early 20th century, mostly White public officials in many places instituted “redlining” policies that kept Black, Latino and other minority, low-income residents in neighborhoods deemed undesirable. It was in those same places that heavy industry and other sources of pollution were allowed to cluster, exposing residents to layer upon layer of health risks, many of which remain. …..)

 Read the entire article for a brief history at the link above.


Sept 22nd  (Thursday)

Water Insecurity: Map of Hazardous Waste Cleanup Sites in the U.S. Environmental Climate Justice Advocates TAKE NOTES......

Sept 22nd   (Thursday)

Water Insecurity. U.S. EPA Enforcement and Compliance History Online

Sept 22nd    (Thursday)

Water Insecurity in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency SUPERFUND.


Staying in our lane with disasters, emergency, and climate risk management.

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